Outcome - Project Brief

Outcome – Project Brief

Outcome started it’s conception as a portrait project, visually demonstrating the varied life gay, lesbian, bi and trans people can lead. I drew upon my own experience of other people’s attitudes and existing stereotypes of what gay people are or should be like. I wanted to open their eyes to realise that there are LGBT people in all aspects of life, professions and abilities.

The project developed some more, with the addition of each sitter holding their own childhood photograph – printed to a larger size. With this I realised the audience, who would get most out of ‘Outcome,’ had changed. It would now be most apt for young people developing an awareness of their sexuality and for those who were confused or afraid with the potential difficulties when ‘coming out.’ I could see that my project started to develop a sense of ‘hope’ and ‘journey’ into adulthood and being “out.”  It also resonated with parents; making them think about the potential whether their child would be gay or trans. Again a sense of ‘hope’ to show that their child can grow up – like everyone else ; equal. I would like to take this opportunity to stress that I’m not attempting to sugar-coat the coming out process – which I know can be unnecessarily rough or mercifully smooth! Instead I want to give people a sense of hope that, although times may seem hard & you may feel isolated, there are countless people in the LGBT community that have stood where you’re standing and are here to show that there’s a future out there for the taking – so dare to dream big!

My personal story has helped shape this ideal.  Although I have a loving family and circle of friends, I allowed myself to hide away and not risk coming out or even admitting to it.  New relationships helped force me to act however. I do not want other people to let their fear hold them back.  It was not the easiest thing to have to say to people, with hindsight I wish I had came out sooner.  With my Outcome project, I want to excite people with the prospect of their future.
I would love for you to hold up your childhood photo and recognise how far you have come
& developed as an individual. We all – regardless of sexuality – have to grow up and
overcome obstacles but we all deserve a happy and equal life as an adult.

Please do get in touch if you would like to take part or make a feature of my project:

tom_dingley@hotmail.co.uk – @OutcomeLGBT  –  @TomDingleyPhoto